Wedding Requirements

Why plan a Destination Wedding in Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico has become one of the premier Destination Wedding locations. Everything needed to make your special day a memorable success is available on the island; beautiful beaches, impressive tropical gardens, historic sites, unique landscapes and even a lush rainforest. Hotels as well as many private and public venues throughout the island provide services and accommodations for destination weddings.


Puerto Rico Marriage Requirements

Getting married in Puerto Rico does not require that you be a resident of the island or a United States citizen. A bride or groom under 21 years of age must be accompanied by a parent.

Prior to the marriage ceremony there are certain rules and regulations that need to be followed:

  1. A medical certificate stipulating that all tests required to get married in thier local place of residence have been met. It is important the the certification be valid 10 calender days prior to the wedding date. If the certification is older than 10 days a new medical certificate must be presented. If your state or country of residence does not require a medical certificate, Puerto Rico still requires that you have a letter from a doctor who certifies medical information required for the marriage.
  2. An affidavit* stating that a) the bride and groom are not residents of Puerto Rico b) the visit was for the purposes of getting married. In the case of foreign citizens, the affidavit needs to certify that applicants will stay in Puerto Rico the amount of days specified in the U.S. immigration document issued by the approprieate federal agency. If the affidavit is written in the United States, it must me accompanied by a certificate from the county clerk of the state to certify that he or she is qualified to  notarize documents in your state of residence. If the affidavit is written in a foriegn country, it must be accompanied by the Apostille Seal of the Hague Treaty of 1961.
  3. Additionally the following documents will be needed: 1) A valid photo ID (Drivers License or Passport). Foreign citizens need to present a valid passport, visa or residence card (green card). 2) Copy of birth certificate 3) Proof of divorce or death, if applicable.
  4. Puerto Rico Internal Revenue Stamp for the sum of $150.00

*You can do the affidavit in Puerto Rico. There are several wedding specialist like WEDAFFAIR in Puerto Rico that can help you with this.

Getting married in Puerto Rico is not at all difficult, there are a tremendous amount of venues and wedding specialist that will make planning your wedding as painless and trouble free as possible.