Spanish Language Basics

Both Spanish and English are the official languages of Puerto Rico. English is widely spoken particularly in hotels, at resorts and other tourist areas. Spanish will predominate in the rural areas and off the beaten path, but no worries, you will usually find someone that speaks at least some English willing to assist you. Most road signs are in Spanish with highway markers and distances based on the metric system. Interestingly speed signs are posted in miles per hour and not kilometers per hour.

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basic Spanish Conversational words and phrases
basic directions in Spanish
signs in Spanish
Please note:
Servicios / Baños  /sehr.VEE.ceeos/  |  /BAH.nyohs/
Hombres / Caballeros  /HOM.brehs/  |  /cah.bah.JEH.rohs/
Mujeres / Damas  /moo.HEH.rehs  |  /DAH.mahs/