Puerto Rico Museums

Puerto Rico has a rich Cultural and Artistic History from the centuries old fortresses of Old San Juan to the modern paintings on display at the Puerto Rico Art Museum. Please call the individual Museums listed below for operating days, hours and costs. 







African Heritage Museum

Old San Juan

(787) 724-4294

Artifacts, Photos and History of Slavery Period in Puerto Rico

Caparra Ruins Historical Museum and Park


(787) 781-4795

Ruins of first settlement by Juan Ponce de León

Casa Alonso Museum of Art, History and Culture

Vega Baja

(787) 855-1364

Depiction of Puerto Rican Life in the  1800’s

Casa Cautiño Museum


(787) 864-9083

On U.S. National Register of Historic Places. History of Guayama and Cautiño Family.

Casa de la Familia Puertorriqueña Siglo XIX

Old San Juan

(787) 723-1762

Depiction of Puerto Rican Life in the 19th Century

Casa Jesús T. Piñero


(787) 876-0562

Home of Puerto Rico’s 1st Govenor

Casa Luis Muñoz Rivera


(787) 857-0230

Artifacts and History of this Poet, Journalist and Politician a major Puerto Rican Figure.

Casa Museo Dr. José Celso Barbosa


(787) 786-8115

Birthplace of this important Physician, sociologist and political leader.

Museo Casa Marcos J. Alegría


(787) 796-1433

Art Exhibition

Casa Paoli Museum


(787) 840-4115

Honors the career of the famous Tenor Paoli.

Casa Wiechers-Villaronga Museum


(787) 843-3363

Art and History displayed in a 1911 Mansion

Castillo Serrallés Museum


(787) 259-1774

Impressive mansion and art collection of the Serrallés Family.

Centro Ceremonial Indigena de Caguana


(787) 724-4294

Collection of Artifacts and Archeological items of Puerto Rico’s Indigenous peoples.

Fideicomiso Casa Ramón Power y Giralt

Old San Juan

(787) 722-5834

Historical Artifacts

Galeria Nacional

Old San Juan

(787) 725-2670

Puerto Rico’s National Art Gallery

Luis Muñoz Marín Foundation

Trujillo Alto

(787) 755-7979

History and Artifacts of the Father of Modern Puerto Rico.

Museo al Veterano Angel Escribano

San Lorenzo

(787) 736-4427

Collection of Military Artifacts and History

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo


(787) 977-4030

Puerto Rican and Caribbean Art

Museo de Arte de Bayamón


(787) 740-6878

Puerto Rican and International Art

Museo de Arte de Caguas


(787) 744-8833

General Art Exhibition

Museo de Arte de Ponce


(787) 848-0505

Extensive collection of International Art

Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico


(787) 977-6277

World famous collection of Puerto Rican Art

Museo de Arte e Historia de Arecibo


(787) 879-4403

Art, Photographs and History

Museo de Arte e Historia de Guánica


(787) 821-4343

History of Guánica

Museo de Arte e Historia de Dorado


(787) 796-1030

Artifacts and History of Dorado

Museo de la Masacre


(787) 844-9722

History of a Political Event in Puerto Rico

Museo de las Américas

Old San Juan

(787) 724-5052

Art of the Americas

Museo de los Próceres

Cabo Rojo

(787) 255-1560

Historical, Artistic and Cultural Exhibits

Museo de los Tres Santos Reyes

Juana Diaz

(787) 837-2199

The legend of the Three Kings from biblical times.

Museo de San Juan

Old San Juan

(787) 723-4317

Art and History from Old San Juan

Museo del Deporte Cagueño


(787) 744-8833

Exhibit of the Sport History of Puerto Rico

Museo del Deporte de Guaynabo


(787) 731-4923

Exhibit of the Sport History of Puerto Rico

Museo del Mundillo de Puerto Rico


(787) 877-3815

Dedicated to preserving the history of Bobbin Lace handiwork

Museo del Niño

Old San Juan

(787) 722-3791

Interactive Children’s Museum

Museo del Niño

Carolina (787) 257-0261 Interactive Children's Museum
Museo El Cemí Jayuya (787) 828-1241 Pre-Columbian art and Culture
Museo Fe Eleonor Borges San Lorenzo (787) 736-1124 Art and History of San Lorenzo
Museo Felisa Rincón de Gautier Old San Juan (787) 723-1897 History, Artifacts and Photographs of the former San Juan Mayor.
Museo Fuerte Conde de Mirasol Vieques (787) 828-1241 Vieques History, Art and Culture of Vieques
Museo Histórico Ramón Rivera Bermúdez Coamo (787) 825-1150 History of Coamo
Museo y Centro de Estudios Humanisticos Gurabo (787) 743-7979 Puerto Rican Art
Museo Puertorriqueño del Deporte Salinas (787) 824-2200 Puerto Rican Sport History
Museo de Vida Silvestre de San Juan Santurce (787) 792-9952 Educational programs, exhibits and resources related to Wildlife
Museum of History, Anthropology and Art Rio Piedras (787) 763-3939 University of Puerto Rico Museum
Puerto Rican Music Museum Ponce (787) 848-7018 Musical Instrument history and exhibit
Pablo Casals Museum Old San Juan (787) 723-9185 Museum dedicated to this famous Puerto Rican Musician
Ponce History Museum Ponce (787) 844-7071 300 years of Ponce’s history
Porta Coeli Religious Art Museum San Germán (787) 892-5845 Art and History of Christianity