Puerto Rico AMA - Metrobus

Operating Days / Hours

Monday - Sunday / 4:30am - 10:00pm


Service Cost
Regular and Express Service $0.75
Metrobus $0.75
Students $0.60
Persons with disabilities and persons between 60-75 $0.35
Persons over 75 years of age (Golden Program) free
Call & Travel (Registration required) $1.50 - $2.50


Bus Terminals
Bayamón Degatau Street B52, Metrobus II
Cataña Barboso Street (PR-5), Cataño A3, C37
Guaynabo PR-165 and PR-2 Ft. Buchanan A3, B4, B8, B19, B27, B28, Express91, 92
Carolina Quiñones St. & Fernández Juncos Ave A5, A6, B41, B42, B43, C44, C45
Iturregui Iturregui Ave, Carolina A5, A6, B41, B42, B43 C44, C45
Río Piedras Río Piedras Urban Center A3, A6, A9, B4, B15 B26, B28, B29, B40 C19, C31
Hato Rey F.D.R. Av -Muñoz Rivera & P.de León A3, B15, B16, B17, B41 C10, C11, Metrobus I, Metrobus II
Sagrado Corazón Fernández Juncos Ave, Santurce A9, B15, B16 B17, B41, C10, C11 Metrobus I, Metrobus II
Santurce R.H. Todd & Fernández Juncos Ave A9, B8, B21, C10,  Metrobus I, Metrobus  Express
Old San Juan Marina & Juan A. Corretjer Street A5, A9, B8, B21,  Metrobus I, Metrobus  Express
San Juan Trolley

Travels to different points of interests in Old San Juan, service is free of charge. Departs Terminal every 5 min.

AMA Customer Service 787-977-2200